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15 thoughts of Thankfulness and Gratitude

Today, Thanksgiving Eve 2020, I am extremely thankful and filled with gratitude. Just to be able to write this brief acknowledgment, speaks volumes to my current emotions.

I would like to share15 thoughts of Thankfulness and Gratitude with you… this is not to say that there are only fifteen - it is more like fifteen times fifteen and many more. However, for this particular “Perspective by Caesar” I will limit my thoughts of Thankfulness and gratitude to ‘My Top Fifteen Reasons’ to shout out loud praises to the Lord.

The number 15 in the Bible is a symbol of rest, which comes after deliverance. The number 15 also has the biblical meaning of balance with harmony.

The incidents and events that have taken place in my life during the last eleven months were humbling, character-building, faith fulfilling, and at times fearful.

I discovered that one of the best things about listing my thoughts of Thankfulness and Gratitude is that the more I do it, the more I become in touch with my feelings.

These are my 2020 ‘Top Fifteen’ Reasons for Thankfulness and Gratitude:

Renewed Health & Strength; Focus and Passion

Discernment and Clarity of Thought


My Dell Laptop

My Son Who Became my Donor

My Wife and Daughter for Their No-nonsense Motivation and Encouragement

My DGC Associates: Tiffany, Carmina, Daryl, Faye and Fred

All Customers, Clients and Advertisers

My brother Harold

My Pastor and First Lady

Medical City Dallas & Texas Oncology Clinic-Doctors and Nurses

Netflix, YouTube and DGC Radio

All Family members and All Friends

A New Start and A New Residence

The Future

Caesar 11/25/2020

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