A New Decade to Reinvent Yourself: Part 1

2020 marks the start of a new decade and while you make your resolutions for the new year, consider leaving the old you behind and reinventing yourself. Reinvention happens when there is a major shift in your life—like losing a loved one, divorce, unhappiness with current circumstances, or significant business losses. Are you ready for a transformation? Are you ready to leave the shape you are in to get to the S.H.A.P.E you want to become in order to reach your full potential? In this 3-part series, I’ll share with you how to move from the now YOU into your new YOU by creating your S.H.A.P.E; an acronym for Specialness, Heart, Attitude, Potential, and Experience.

S is Specialness – When you reinvent yourself around your “specialness” it gives you an edge and you’re in charge of creating your possibilities. Perhaps you developed a unique process or solution that disrupts things in your industry or a system for improving your work. Conduct a self-evaluation to determine what makes you special. Ask 10 of your closest friends and/or colleagues to pick out the attributes that best describe you and reinvent yourself in one of those areas. For example, if people see you as being confident, then coach others on how to be more confident. You’ve reinvented yourself as a confidence coach.

H is Heart –Your heart’s passion is what motivates you and gets you going! You may already know that without passion you’ll have trouble overcoming those obstacles along your journey. Your passion will:

  • Attract employers, business partners, and clients to you

  • Inspire others to see your vision

  • Increase your confidence

  • Help you to be persistent in your purpose

This is the area in which I’ve most recently reinvented myself. I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship. My first entrepreneurial experience started in middle school while in Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is a nonprofit youth organization that fosters work-readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial skills for children grades K-12. Now, I volunteer with Junior Achievement to give back to an organization that planted the entrepreneurial seed in me. Since middle school, I’ve held leadership roles in business and/or entrepreneurial organizations.

My passion for entrepreneurship has led me to serving as the director of a women’s business center where I’m able to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs. You hear about this type of reinvention all the time. Someone leaves a career or role to pursue their passions. If you’d like to reinvent yourself and do your heart’s desire, make a list of the things you are passionate about. Then, ask yourself how can I reinvent myself to do what I love to do?

Tarsha Polk, The Marketing Lady, is a inspirational speaker, business coach, and author of Making an Impact: How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand.

Visit Tarsha at: themarketinglady.com


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