Every year my friends and I would go to what is called a “Watch service” at church on New Year’s Eve. We would be so excited about the upcoming year.  The pastor would triumphantly proclaim that God was going to take us to another level that year and to turn and give five people high fives and say “God is going to turn it around.” We would leave the service and go in to the New Year with this message exuberant about what thus said the Lord. However, three months into the New Year, nothing in our lives had turned around and we were at the same level. We would excuse where we were at in life by saying, in God’s time, our lives will change.

Job 22:28 esv states, “You will decide on a matter and it will be established for you, and light will shine on your ways.” What we had failed to do was to decide what we wanted for our lives for that year or that month or even that day. Our lives were like a ship in water that didn’t have a captain. We were trying to get to “there” where ever “there” was without setting a direct course. We had left the New Years’ service in expectation but in expectation for what?

My friends and I spent many hours talking about what we wanted to do with our gifts that we believed that God gave us, but were we really in expectation to do it? Had we decided to actually do what we believed that God had purposed in our hearts? The answer is a resounding no. There were many reasons why the answer to that question was no, but one of the main reasons is because we didn’t know what to do or where to start. What was the first leg of the journey and how do we get from here to there?

If this story registers with you and you are ready to set definite expectations for the rest of this year going into 2020, I have listed 10 things to do to begin to live your life on purpose.

  1. Document a plan as to what you want to do with your life. Write your goals down. Get clear on what you want. Think big. God is a big God. If your goals or visions can be accomplished in your own wisdom or strength, then your vision is too small. Let God put His super to your natural. Once you have written down your goals, read these goals out loud every day.

  2. Establish your priorities based on your plan.

  3. Pursue your passion only and go after it with all your might.

  4. Protect your plans and priorities. Don’t share your vision with everyone. Not everyone will believe in your dream or goals and that’s okay. They are your dreams and goals.

  5. Identify your value and what’s valuable to you.

  6. Make decisions based on your destiny and the goals that you have set.

  7. Inventory your association. Not everyone will be able to go where you are going.

  8. Review your investments. What are you spending your time on and is it getting you closer to your goals?

  9. Do not try to please everyone. Not everyone will like you or like what you are doing.

  10. Forget the past and design your future. You are a co-creator with Christ. Become an architect of your life and don’t just go with the flow. Control the flow. Anything that happens in your life that you can control, should be in conjunction as to where your vision is taking you.

Praying Blessings and Favor over your life! Love Always, Chastaney (Chas)


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