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Preserved by Purpose – Coronavirus Thoughts and Prayers

With all of the talk about Coronavirus, I wanted to share a prayer as well as words of encouragement on how to make the best of these increasingly difficult times. Thanks to Prophet Eric Copeland for sharing both:

What a weird time.  We can’t travel. We can’t go out. We can’t gather with our friends. Our kids can’t go to school. We can’t go to some Churches. Work is shut down. Can’t watch March Madness or any sports.  After hearing all of the things we can’t do, it occurred to me that in times like this, it can be more important to focus on what we CAN do.

Top things we CAN do while we watch the Coronavirus pass through history.

  1. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Check on the elderly and those who may be in need. What a great opportunity to reconnect.

  2. Work out like crazy. Face it, many of us had a New Year’s resolution to work out and lose weight. Now you have the free time to make it happen.

  3. Say a prayer for the people who are most affected by this. Many of us might feel like this is a little odd because we are very inconvenienced. But it’s a lot more than “odd” for some folks. Others have been hit much harder in terms of real lost income or jobs. Say a prayer for peace and comfort for those folks. Help them if you can.

  4. Read the Bible. Start with the book of John, you can read it in an hour. Read Psalms and Proverbs too.

  5. Write a bunch of thank you notes and cards. When you take a walk, mail them to let someone you know they are being thought of.

  6. Cook or bake…. Hang around the house and YouTube a great recipe and make a fun dinner that you’ve never made before.

  7. Watch a new movie every day. Watch a “Best Picture” every night.

Then, 10 years from now, maybe we can all look back on all the cool stuff we did during a very weird time.

This too, shall pass!!!

Prayer regarding Coronavirus:

Dear God,

I pray for healing for all affected by the Coronavirus.    Only you can move in a mighty way and do the impossible for them.    We pray for all negative outcomes to be resolved by your healing power.  Bless and cover each one and bring healing to their bodies from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.  We pray Lord that you will intervene to bring this pandemic to a swift end without significant loss of life. We especially pray for health care professionals like doctors, nurses, LVN’s, lab technicians who are working extended hours and in close proximity to those who are infected.     Cover them by the blood of Jesus so that they will remain strong and focused as they strive to help save the lives of others.  Remind us of your promises in Psalm 91:1-3:   He who dwells in the secret place of the Highest Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…. Surely, He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence Amen.

Shewanda Riley is a Fort Worth, Texas based author of “Love Hangover: Moving From Pain to Purpose After a Relationship Ends” and “Writing to the Beat of God’s Heart: A Book of Prayers for Writers.”   Email her at or follow her on Twitter @shewanda.

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