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The Pulse of Entertainment: Tanya Nolan Releases 2nd Remix of Signature Single ‘No Pressure’

By Eunice Moseley

“It’s not a Gospel single but I would sing it in church,” giggled R&B/Pop singer/songwriter Tanya Nolan about her hit single “No Pressure,” from her self-titled debut album, which was re-released as “No Pressure (Bruce Bang Remix).” “God be speaking to my heart. This song is about to open up doors.”

The “No Pressure” track was originally released in 2019. It was featured in the 2020 Grammy Review section of a Billboard Special Edition of potential Grammy-nominated projects. The single also became eligible for a 2020 NAACP Image Award nomination, but unfortunately didn’t make the top 10.

“It was written effortlessly, flowing like water. So good…the feeling I got,” she said.

Tanya is also an Electric Dance Music (EDM) artist that resides in Houston, Texas. The “Tanya Nolan” 2019 album debut reached iHeart’s “Top 40’s Album’s Chart.” The “No Pressure (Bruce Bang Remix)” was released in July 2020 and garnered the Image Award qualification.

“My journey (in music) started at the age of 15,” Nolan recalled. “There was an ad in the newspaper, at the time I was a teen trying to make some money, so I sang over the phone for them….a local band. It’s all raw, no training.”

The gutsy and powerful, the infectious vocalist has only just begun to share her gift and passion for music.

“My passion is music,” she confessed. “If I have to be in a genre it would be R&B and Pop. I had no idea he (God) would lead me to EDM. I’m like a conjunction of genres – all in one.”

This is Tanya Nolan’s 2nd remix of the hit single “No Pressure,” which just might be her signature song. The first was a techno-version by DJ Riddler and the 2nd an EDM-version by music producer Bruce Bang. The single’s popularity landed Tanya on the Fox network performing her hit single “No Pressure” on the “The Isiah Factor.”

“I learned a lesson,” Tanya said of the Fox network performance experience. “I’m not going to let music engineers take control. I’m going to double-check…the sound was distorted.”

The “No Pressure” single remixed by Bruce Bang is certainly worth a listen. It will make you want to hear the original track and the techno version just to see if it could be better than the hot Bruce Bang version of “No Pressure.”  www.TanyaNolan.net

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