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The cast of USA Network’s new show ‘The Rev"

The Pulse of Entertainment: USA Network’s ‘The Rev’ Stars Pastor Richard Hartley and Family In-Tow

By Eunice Moseley 

“We’ve been married since the crucifixion,” said Pastor Richard Hartley about his marriage, which along with his role as a father, is presented in the USA Network unscripted docu-series “The Rev” airing on Thursdays at 10pmET. “I’m trying to get the kids out of the house. They about to retire and they never had a job! My daughter has two degrees and wants another and never had a job, and my son is giving concerts at three in the morning and he the only one there!”

Hilarious is the word to describe Richard Hartley, a renowned choir director. Just listening to him, I just know his reality show “The Rev” on the USA Network is going to be a hit. The unscripted documentary-series was launched at the end of January 2020 with eight episodes promised. I think it’s safe to say, the USA will get the ratings they want.

Richard has been a pastor for 14 years, founding Haven International Ministries in Queens, New York. His wife is his childhood sweetheart, Stacey, and his son is Jordan and his daughter Judea. The trailer to the show is also very funny too, showing him directing his current choir.

“My church choir can’t sing,” Pastor Hartley laughed a little.

However, he is not new to directing or coaching a choir to produce their greatest. As a singer/songwriter Richard has even released some recordings, such as “Highway to Heaven.” As a choir director, he has performed with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, and Diana Ross. Those performances were at the Grammy Awards, BET Awards, “The David Letterman Show,” “The Phil Donahue Show,” and “The Donnie McClurkin Show.”

“God only wants us to be what He made us. That is where you find success,” He said sincerely.

When I asked him where the concept for the show came from, Pastor Richard Hartley said, “I was just being myself. A friend of mine said, ‘Something is wrong with you. I need to film this.’”

“I had four networks calling me,” Pastor Hartley said. “I didn’t audition, they came to me. I did interviews with each. the USA had the biggest demographics and when you buy cable USA comes with it. They have a lot of diversity; it’s not stuck in the African-American demographics.”

As a result, of the four networks, Richard said he went with USA Network.

“I didn’t see them until after we signed,” said the Pastor about USA Network. “We did six to eight weeks of tapping. USA Network wanted America to see us (black people) in a different life. They build on situations we’ve lived. They didn’t write anything. It’s not ‘Greenleaf.’ This Pastor is not stealing the money. I work for the Board of Education…and my wife is a licensed Nurse. Thumbs up to God, He picked the right network. I wanted to name the show ‘Meet the Hartleys,” then God said, ‘This is not yours,’ Then they came back and said, ‘We really want the show called, ‘The Rev,’ with a faith-based component’.”

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Eunice Moseley, MS, MBA, MPhil has an estimated weekly readership of over ¼ million with The Pulse of Entertainment. She is also a Public Relations Strategist and Business Management Consultant at Freelance Associates, and is Promotions Director (at-large) for The Baltimore Times.

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