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This Year In America Christmas Came Just In Time

The political and social atmosphere in America is toxic-causing me watery eyes and sometimes tears – the smoke from extreme right verses extreme left social and political positions form clouds of foul pollutants.

This year, Christmas came just in time; just in time for the politicians and citizens of this great country to perhaps, pause, acknowledge and embrace the True Meaning of the  Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus

So, make sure you say Merry Christmas to everybody you encounter- your Merry Christmas wishes are sure to put a smile on someone’s face and surely bring joy within your heart.

Let this Christmas remind us, to love our neighbor and to give ourselves to greater good throughout the year. Perhaps Christians could lead the way- away from Santa Claus and gift exchanging and back to the celebration of the Birth of Christ and giving to the poor and needy without expectations of receiving anything in return; that is the true meaning of Christmas.

Tis the season to know that it is very cool to say Merry Christmas and truly mean it. Imagine, Americans on one accord, speaking expressions of peace and goodwill- that will certainly cause a shift in national attitude and the cleansing of the atmosphere.

Merry Christmas, 2018


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